Industry Vs the Audience

Industry Vs the Audience


The question is the media greater than the audience or vice versa?

Many believe that the media was first produced and then the audience came along, but in hindsight the Audience came first because if there is a want for something and a business may think it would be profitable they tend to make it happen for the sake of money.

An industry that has developed throughout the years:


Disney has come far from when it first started off and it isn’t the whole Disney industry but The Disney Princess industry who from snow white to Moana has changed the roles of the helpless princess to the independent strong woman who doesn’t need an independent, strong and intelligent man to help save the day.

In this Blog post, I will be mostly talking about the transition that the idea of the Disney princess has went through and how over the years it changed the image of princesses all around the world.  (preceden, 2018)

There are a lot of transitions that Disney has developed; quality, ideas, censorship but obviously race.

Snow white was the first animated Disney princess to enter the world of media. As a scullery maid, she was frowned upon by her step mother because she was jealous that she is much more beautiful than her.

As the movie was produced in the 1930’s at the time woman had lost their rights to many things and in America most states made it illegal for woman to work (mostly married woman), they were expected to stay at home to cook and clean which is shown in the movie its self as prince Florian had to save snow white herself. (Prezi, 2018)

download (5).jpg

54 years later the movie Aladdin came to theatres as having one of the first Disney princess of colour which had been coming for a long way due to a history of white princesses. Although Jasmine is a spritely independent woman her main task is to support Aladdin.

download (6).jpg

After that the Audience started to accept having woman of colour playing princesses as after Aladdin came Pocahontas another woman off colour only 3 years after Aladdin. Pocahontas had a very independent character as she protected her village while also protecting the man she loved and fought for what was right which wasn’t shown in many Disney princess movies and that the person that lead the independence was female. (Celebrating Disney Princesses of Colour, 2018)


Common Disney princess Movies that used to prove that woman had no rights were; Ariel and sleeping beauty both these movies had the prince save the day while the princess was no one to be seen fighting.

Sleeping-beauty-disneyscreencaps_com-8061.jpg   download (7).jpg

This proved that at the time of the movie release audiences did not want to see that on television because of their mind set but in the present day if a woman doesn’t show the slightest bit of independence the movie is frowned upon.

After Pocahontas the most independent Disney movie of its time came out that shows a female deceiving the odds of not being able to fight in the war to cutting her hair short, dressing as a man and taking the role of her father to save him from having to fight in the war. (2018)


Tiana on the other hand was a hard-working woman and although she wished upon a star she had her mind set out and knew she didn’t only have to wish upon a start and she had to put her mind on a task and get it.

As she educates herself that is her only priority and won’t let anyone stand in her way as she is also the first African American princess and had an African prince.

naveen_and_tiana_by_rachelewok.jpg (Buzzfeed, 2018)

Meredith being a woman who doesn’t want an arranged marriage she single handily save her mother who was cast under a spell to show how much she loves her mother and how their relationship is set due to the face any mother figure in most princess movie isn’t actually their mother or don’t even have a mother to begin with. She doesn’t rely on other people to help her fix her mistake what had happened with her mother her fault and hers only. Meredith also stayed single some Disney movies show woman being independent but at the end almost always fine true love, but not in her case she doesn’t (Bustle , 2018)


Finally Frozen (Elsa) she is one of the most independent princes mostly resembling Meredith from brave but even more independent showing and teaching her sister that marriage is a very serious thing and should be very looked into as she quotes “you can’t marry someone you just met” which is something very common in Disney movies that the female character normally never knows her prince and just falls in love when she sees him. As Elsa herself has a controversy that she is gay this has not been confirmed by Disney and if so is the audience ready for such a huge step towards equality? as Elsa tells us that “the act of true love has nothing to do with a man” that the love of her and her sister seems more powerful than any Disney romance out there. (Her View From Home, 2018)


Disney has advanced throughout the years developing females into independent woman, Equality no matter what skin colour of ethnic background and telling us that if we want something we need to work hard to achieve it. In my opinion the Indusrty wasnt only created by the audience because the audience wanted to but also that the audience felt it nececcasry for change and wanted to see a difference so that their children will not be closed minded.


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